Blue Mosque

What is The Blue Mosque History ?

The Blue Mosque (called Sultanahmet Camii in Turkish) is an historical mosque in Istanbul. The mosque is known as the Blue Mosque due to the fact that of blue tiles surrounding the partitions of inside design.Mosque was once built between 1609 and 1616 years, for the duration of the rule of Ahmed I. Similar to many other mosques, it also contains a tomb of the founder, a madrasa and a hospice.Besides nonetheless used as a mosque, the Sultan Ahmed Mosque has additionally emerge as a widespread visitor enchantment in Istanbul.

Besides being tourist appeal, it is usually a energetic mosque, so it can be closed to non worshippers for a half of hour or so for the period of the five day-to-day prayers.

Satisfactory method to see satisfactory structure of the Blue Mosque is to method it from the Hippodrome. (West facet of the mosque) As if you’re non-Muslim visitor, you also ought to use same course to enter the Mosque.

Information For Blue Mosque

Please ignore and prevent men and women who present you to enter mosque with out  queue up. These people regularly will attempt to promote you whatever and take you to the some looking place. High-quality manner is to line up and enter Mosque similar to other tourists. Don’t fear if line looks very lengthy, it’ll transfer very speedy for sure.

How to seek advice from Blue Mosque ?

Tourists at all times marvel the best way to seek advice from  Blue Mosque.There may be also many different questions comparable to if there is any  entrance rate,dress code, the place to position my shoes and many others.Here below is the answers of all these easy questions…

blue mosqueblue mosque
1) Plan your seek advice from to the Sultanahmet discipline of Istanbul, so that you better arrive mid morning. Pray happens 5 instances a day with the first name to prayer at sunrise and the final one at nightfall.The mosque closes for ninety minutes at every pray time.Avert visiting a mosque at pray time (above all midday praying on Friday) or within a half of hour after the ezan is chanted from the Mosque minarets.

2) earlier than step in to Mosque, take off your footwear and put in plastic bags provided on the entrance(free of charge). This is required of all humans as a part of Muslim subculture when coming into a mosque. There may be additionally no cost to enter the Blue Mosque.

blue mosque3) if you are ladies put on a head protecting when getting into to Blue Mosque.Head coverings are available on the Blue Mosque entrance without cost. Situation the material quilt on high of your head with equal parts placing on each side.
Take one aspect and wrap it around your neck, tossing it behind your again with masking your shoulders. Do not quilt your face, the overlaying is supposed to hide your hair simplest.

4) if you find yourself inside the mosque, stay quiet and do not use flash pictures.On account that this  is a position of worship, preclude staring or taking photo of those who are praying.Talk over with the mosque respectfully and quietly.At the Mosque exit, you can put used plastic bags in particular bin luggage and return head covers to duty staff.

5) you can do donation to support maintain the Mosque on the exit door.It is not compulsory, but when you’re making donation you’re going to get the reputable receipt for it.

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