Private Troy Tour from Istanbul


09:00 Pick up from hotel in Istanbul and depart for Eceabat
14:00 Ferry to Canakkale
14:30 Depart for Fully Guided Private Troy Tour

On tour you will visit and hear about:

  • The Trojan Horse which was used in the movie Troy
  • The Trojan Horse (Did it really exist ?)
  • Helen of Troy (Was she the real cause of the war ?)
  • The Trojan Wars
  • Battle between Achilles an Hector
  • The 3200 years old city walls of Troy VI and VII
  • The East gate of VI (VIP entrance of Troy VI)
  • The Temple of Athena
  • Walls of Troy II and Megaron House
  • Walls of Troy I (The oldest ruins of Troy)
  • The trench of Schliemann
  • The ramp of Troy II
  • The Scaean Gate
  • The Gate of Troy VI (Where possibly the tricky wooden horse was taken)
  • Sanctuary (Sacrificing Altars)
  • Roman Bath
  • Odeon (Music theatre)
  • South gate of Troy VI
  • Bouleuterion
  • Ruins of agora (Market place)

17:30 End of the tour and depart back to Istanbul
21:30 Arrive to Istanbul

This package includes:

  • Transportation from Istanbul to Eceabat and Eceabat to Istanbul with private vehicle
  • Fully Guided Private Troy Tour
  • Entrance fees
  • Professional English speaking guiding
  • Restaurant lunch


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