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Tukta’s Telling Us About Her Turkey Travel

Dear Travellers I have experienced a Turkish tour about 1 week of October 2017. This is another country which I want to learn in the country, food, people, culture and new attractions. I’d like to explain the place where I have seenI arrived quite early morning .So I have breakfast at Qua Hotel. I think […]

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archaeological museum

Istanbul Archaeology Museum

Neighbouring Cultures Of Istanbul (Thrakia-Bithynia) and Byzantium The Directorate of Istanbul Archaeology Museums that is stylish on the general Directorate of Monuments and Museums of the Ministry of tradition of the Republic of Turkey is on the Osman Hamdi Bey Ascent that opens to the Topkapı Palace Museum from the proper of the Gülhane Park […]

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Topkapı Palace

After the conquest of Istanbul with the aid of Mehmed the Conqueror at 1453, construction of the Topkapı Palace used to be started at the 12 months 1460 and accomplished at 1478 .    Palace was built upon a 700.000 squaremeters area on an japanese Roman Acropolis placed on the Istanbul Peninsula between Sea of […]

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